Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cole's Train Birthday!

My little man is 3 years old. He acts as if he is truly a little man. The way he talks and the things he says are hysterical. He is so sweet and thoughtful and yes, a little sensitive and dramatic too. But we love everything about him and were so excited to share his party with our family and friends. All his favorite people came and it was a perfect day. The weather did not cooperate, unlike his first birthday which was 80 degrees and we all wore shorts. But we still had a great time!
His theme was TRAINS! He loves Thomas and boy did he get spoiled with a lot of Thomas toys! Here are some pictures from the party and of the decorations that I got from an Etsy shop. Unfortunately the collection does not seem to be on Etsy anymore, but there are many others if you search "printable train collections".

This was the UNBELIEVABLE cake that my very best friend, Kate, made! 

The birthday boy and his sister! :)

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  1. Very cute! I have also baked a cake for my nephew’s birthday and his party is also based on a train theme. He really like the cartoon ‘Thomas and friends’, So I have tried to convert one of the Chicago venues into a railway station. I hope he likes my decoration.