Monday, June 11, 2012

Menu plan June 11-15

Phew! These weekends full of fun and parties are great, but so exhausting!! I normally plan my meals and go shopping on the weekend, but lately with all the fun, I have been doing so on Monday! Yikes!

I love summer food though. Last week we got our first share of vegetables and fruit. The strawberries were to die for. I was going to make all of these great things with them and maybe even freeze some, but they we so good we just ate them, ALL! Maybe this week! I got a bunch of Japanese turnips. I peeled them, boiled them and mashed them like potatoes. With a little butter, salt and pepper they were delicious and went great with our steaks!

This week's meals are so good I am drooling...I hope you try some out! :)

Monday: Open Faced Caprese Sandwiches

Recipe and photo from Iowa Girl Eats

Tuesday: BBQ Chicken Quinoa Salad

Recipe and photo from Iowa Girl Eats

Wednesday: Crispy Southwestern Chicken Warps

Recipe and photo from Mel's Kitchen Cafe

Thursday: Grilled Buffalo Chicken

Recipe and photo from Plain Chicken

Friday: Meatballs with Fresh Ricotta

Recipe and photo from Framed Cooks

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