Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Craft Closet!

Since taking my leave and staying home with my children, I have been doing so much with them. We have been making crafts, playing games, coloring, painting, you name it. BUT, I kept getting frustrated that every time I wanted to do a project I had to go all the way to the attic to get my supplies. Even worse was when I left the supplies out and little hands were glueing and painting when I was distracted! AHHHHH!

So I decided I needed a craft closet of some sort, but I had virtually no money to spend on one. My husband and I began thinking of what supplies we already had. Luckily in the garage we had some wire shelving left over from our old toy organization system and it fit perfectly in the front closet!

Next I needed some bins or baskets to organize all my supplies, but again I wanted something inexpensive and I had to (of course) have it all match. I went to the Dollar Tree and found these really cute bins and canisters that were perfect for all my supplies. All these baskets and canisters came to $20!!

No craft closet is complete without labels. I found these great labels on the Better Home and Garden's website, that you can type in and print out! They had a ton of different styles and colors for any room in your house you wanted to organize. I printed mine on clear sticker paper because that is what I had. I would have liked them on white sticker paper, but I was trying to stick to a strict budget of $20!

I am so happy with the end result and everything in the closet we already had, except for the bins I bought. I love how easy it is to just grab what I need and have a perfect spot to put it back. YAY for organization!!! It makes me happy!! :)

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