Monday, May 28, 2012

Menu Plan May 28-June1

Monday: Happy Memorial Day!
Thank you to everyone who served or is serving our country!
Enjoy the cook outs! I know I will!

Tuesday: Chicken and Brie Sandwich
I am so excited to give this sandwich a try!

Recipe and photo from Framed Cooks.

Wednesday: Tacos in Lettuce Wraps
Chuck and I have made tacos a million times. It is what Chuck will always ask for if I ask him what he wants for dinner. We recently tried using boston lettuce instead of the wrap and they turned out great! There is really no recipe for tacos, but I did use this recipe to make my own seasoning. I also prefer to use ground chicken over beef, but any ground meat will work. We top our tacos with Monterey jack cheese, brown rice, fresh salsa, and raw spinach. I also like a dollop of sour cream and a couple shakes of hot sauce!

Thursday: Stuffed Mushrooms
This recipe for stuffed mushrooms got me thinking why not have them for the main course! With a big salad and some veggies this can make a great meal. 

Recipe and photo from Angie McGowan

Friday: Creamy Carbonara Pasta

Recipe and photo from Miss Delish...another new (to me) blog!!

Have a great week! :)

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