Thursday, March 8, 2012

Garden Shower Favors

Last weekend we had a surprise shower at my house for my aunt. Well, it turned out she already knew...but the party was a huge success anyway.
We wanted the party to have a garden theme since my aunt loves to garden.
I made these quick and easy favors that I thought I would share with you.

You will need: 
small clay pots
packets of seeds
velum circles (I found at Joann's in the bridal section)
small card stock circles (I also found at Joann's in the card making section)
"Thank you" stamp
ink pad 

To make the favor I first stamped all the circles and cut the length of ribbon. I put the ribbon through the pre-punched hole. Then I carefully folded the seed packet twice, once vertically and once horizontally. Then I placed the folded see bag in the center of the velum and pulled it closed at the top. Finally I tied the ribbon with the tag already attached to make a bow. I place the velum/seed baggie in the clay pot.

I also made these rainbow fruit skewers. Super easy and look pretty impressive!

My best friend Kate made these beautiful cupcakes.

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  1. The Shower was such a blast and I really WAS surprised to find some of my oldest and dearest friends there as well as all my favorite family!! The only person missing was my sister, Laura who was out of town. The food was awesome and doing everything with the gardening theme was so great! The prize baskets they made were so unique and thoughtful!! But I couldn't expect anything less from my beautiful and talented Daughters and Niece Rose. Thanks girls!!! What a great day!! love you xoxoxoxo